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The Sixth Forum for Cemefi Members, held on June 28, was titled “The Theory of Change in Civil Society Organizations (CSO)”, in which participated Ricardo Monroy Paredes, from the Ministry of the Interior; Cassandra Castorena Sánchez, of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs; Fernando Pinaya Ruiz, of the Union of Entrepreneurs for Technology in Education (UNETE); David Huerta Lozano, from Villas Asistenciales Santa María; as well as Ana Lía Zamora Quiroz and Verónica Almanza, both from Un Kilo de Ayuda.


“Development of Social Brands” was the theme of the Seventh Forum, organized on July 26. During the meeting, a group of experts discussed the elements that define a brand and how it impacts on the collection goals of the institutions. The speakers were Rodrigo Díaz Martínez and Máximo Arozarena Caso, from the Weber Shandwick agency; Paola Zamora Ortega, from Educampo; Wendy Osuna Celis, from FMC Agrochemistry; Viridiana Díaz Celis, from El Economista, and Mario Roset, from Civic House.


The Eighth Forum, held on August 23, addressed the issue of “Fund Raising: how to get in touch with individual donors and companies?” with the participation of Salvador Sánchez Trujillo, from the Majocca Foundation; Itzel Reyes González, of the Foundation for the Protection of Children; Lourdes Sanz Moguel, from Cemefi; María Catalina Villalpando Páez, of Global Giving México; and Junueth Mejía Martell, from Hipgive. The guests shared with the attendees, tools to carry out successful fundraising campaigns.


The Ninth Forum for Members, held on September 20, addressed the theme of “Corporate Volunteering”. The experts spoke about the effect generated by voluntary work in the most important economies of the world, emphasizing that companies that clearly know the work and impact of a CSO, are very willing to participate. The speakers were Ana Abimerhi Ayora, from Cemefi; Eduardo Cardona Cruz, from the National Platform for Voluntary Action (Planavol); Omar Abraján, from Welever; Luis Alonso Martínez Ávalos, from Kundaa Consulting; Katyanny Ramírez Rojas, of McBride Sustainability; and Grace María Palma Rodríguez, from TECHO.


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