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Meeting for the 20 years of Unired


On November 12, in the framework of the Annual Meeting of the Cemefi 2018, the event entitled Commemorative Meeting for the 20 years of the University Network for the Prevention and Attention of Disasters (Unired) was held, attended by approximately 70 people, most of them representing the universities that make up the network.


A panel was held in which the presidents of the Unired Roberto Delgado Gallart (Anáhuac University), Jorge Lozano Laín (Tecnológico of Monterrey), Lorenza Larios Córdova (Panamerican University), Enrique Pasta Muñúzuri (Loyola University of the Pacific), Ernesto Duque Padilla (Autonomous University of Coahuila) and José Antonio Herrera Jiménez (Vasco de Quiroga University) participated.


The speakers agreed that the Unired is an arm of logistics that generates the trust of society, since it is the young people of the universities who participate in volunteering who carry out actions for the prevention of risks, and it is them who have direct contact with people. For its part, the structure of Unired is responsible for generating another type of trust through the transparent use of resources and the awareness of the communities at the time of the disaster.


After 20 years of work of the universities in the attention of disasters, it is necessary to go further, we must encourage young people to become leaders of change, since the context in which they operate has changed. One of the challenges of Unired for the future is to generate a shared vision with society, not only at the moment of the disaster, but also to be attentive and adapt to local threats.


The attendees proposed that Unired walk towards internationalization and link up with other Latin American networks, seeking an international positioning that benefits the young brigade members, becoming more and more professional in the prevention and attention of disasters.


In conclusion, the Meeting opened the doors for reflection by the National Coordinating Committee of Unired, which is already considering influencing new disaster response practices, based on the fact that these are not generated by external factors, but by ourselves, as human beings. The aim is to train resilient young people, and to make the best use of all the valuable people that make up this network and who have collaborated in it for 20 years.



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