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The Guide for the Administration of a CSO is presented


On November 20, in México City, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi), together with the Mexican Institute of Youth (Imjuve), and the National Institute of Social Development (Indesol), presented the Guide for the Administration of a Civil Society Organization (CSO), in the facilities of the Journalists Club.


This Guide is aimed at young people and the general public who want to understand the functioning of a civil society organization (CSO), its structure and the most relevant concepts related to it. It is divided into four pillars: Planning, Organization, Management, and Control.


The presentation was attended by Jorge Villalobos Grzybowicz, Executive President of Cemefi; Sabino Arturo Barrera Bravo, Director of Linkage with Youth Organizations of Imjuve; Ramiro Serna Castillo, Deputy Director General of Training, Professionalization and Research of Indesol; Abraham García Ibarra, of the Journalists Club of México; and Romina Farías Pelayo, Cemefi´s Research Coordinator.


During his speech, Jorge Villalobos spoke about citizenship and the importance of participating freely and voluntarily in the public sphere, and stated that "the sector of non-profit organizations is one of the ways that every citizen has to support for the construction of the common good. He added that the manual is aimed at "young citizens who want that their civil society organization, that serves others, has a greater impact in our society."


For his part, Sabino Barrera said that the Guide "arises from the need to empower young people with the necessary tools to impact their projects and proposals in the construction of a México with equal opportunities."


Finally, Ramiro Serna mentioned that, although there are now more than 40,000 CSOs in the country, many other institutions have disappeared due to lack of professionalism and training, which makes evident the relevance of editing a document like the one presented that day.


The “Guide for the Administration of a CSO” is the third manual on the subject published jointly by Cemefi and Imjuve. The “Guide to Plan, Create and Strengthen a CSO” and the “Guide for the Sustainability of Social Projects” are also available. These documents can be requested from the Philanthropic Information Center of Cemefi.



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