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Recognition of Commitment to Others 2018


The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) delivered on November 21, in México City, the Recognition of Commitment to Others, in its 2018 edition, the highest distinction that the institution gives to individuals and civil society organizations that, through their example, promote the philanthropic culture in our country.


In 2018, the Recognition of Commitment to Others was given to:


Edmundo López de la Rosa

For being a pioneer in the recovery of the lacustrine heritage of the urban area of México City; for his commitment to the environmental rescue of the National Canal, through the promotion of environmental civil associations and the promotion of legislative projects such as the reform to the Law of Safeguard of the Architectural Urbanistic Heritage of México City.


Alicia Valdovinos Septién

For her commitment to the indigenous communities of the State of Chiapas, which led to the creation of the civil asociation Cinco Panes y Dos Peces, and the Enlaza México program, a model that links more than 650 communities through radio communication equipment that generates solidarity networks and enables actions of prevention and attention in cases of disasters, as well as community development initiatives.


City of Joy Foundation

For constituting an alternative community service and recovery of the social fabric for the population of Cancún, QR, through the development of a space that incorporates comprehensive services, homes and community care centers provided by various civil society organizations integrated in the same space, having attended more than 352 thousand people.


Memory and Tolerance Museum

For being a pioneer institution in the promotion and defense of Human Rights, creating awareness through the museography and the exhibition of historical memory that warns about the danger of indifference, discrimination and violence, nationally and internationally, in order to promote tolerance, reflection and social action of citizens.


Antonio López de Silanes Pérez (post mortem)

For his social commitment, particularly in health issues, through the founding of the Birth Study Group (GEN), a civil association dedicated to addressing and investigating defects in the health of babies, innovating maternity care; and for the impulse given to the Mexican Foundation for Health (Funsalud), which promotes research to improve health in the country.



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