Who should attend and why?

Who should attend and why?

The conference is designed for everyone who, whether in volunteer or paid roles, gives leadership for volunteering in their organization, in their community or at a national or global level:

  • Executives and staff of global volunteer involving and promoting organizations
  • Representatives of United Nations agencies, including UN Volunteers and UNOCHA
  • National, regional and local leadership structures for volunteering
  • Businesses – global, regional, national and local – that are committed to engaging their workers as volunteers in their communities
  • National and local volunteer involving civil society, public sector and religious organizations
  • Government officials responsible for formulating and implementing government policy and programs related to volunteering
  • Efforts that engage citizens in advocating on local, national and global issues
  • Individual volunteer entrepreneurs who are building innovative grassroots approaches to solving local problems
  • Researchers who have the study of civil society and volunteering as a high priority

Why should you attend?

Here are seven great reasons to attend this year’s World Volunteer Conference:

1 You will be informed and motivated by great speakers, each leader in their own corner of the global volunteer community.

2 You will interact with innovative, high impact leaders of global, national and local volunteer efforts.

3 You will be challenged by new ideas and innovative approaches to shared problems.

4 You will meet and learn from peers from throughout the world.

5 You will have the opportunity to contribute your own experience and perspective.

6 You will be part of a global community of people who share your belief in the importance and impact of volunteering.

7 You will be stimulated by the environment of one of the world’s greatest cities, one with an amazing history, one that will help shape the century.

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